dLabs is a technology-focused company that offers both B2B and B2C products. Our B2B software products include an eLearning Platform for clients like CANbus Academy and EMC-Education and an Order Status system for shipment tracking in eCommerce, which we created for our client, RECAP.

We also offer B2C products, including the Arduino educational tool for electronics enthusiasts, CBA and EMC training for engineering, and RECAP, a tool for call recording for small businesses. We specialize in the design of safety-critical embedded systems and networks, which we offer through our CANbus Academy division.

In addition to our software and hardware development work, we prototype new consumer products showcasing our technical expertise and innovative approach.

At dLabs, we value education, innovation, and small businesses. We strive to create products and services that are technically sound but also accessible and user-friendly for both B2B and B2C audiences.

dLabs is a subsidiary of Dossant LLC, a registered company

Dossant Consulting Services

The CANbus Academy provides companies with training and consulting services on vehicle electronics & networks.

The EMC-Training provides Education to Improve Electromagnetic Compatibility and Signal Integrity

Expert consulting services for clinics and med spas to navigate FDA regulations, ensuring safe and compliant purchases of aesthetic devices from global markets.

dLabs Products

The RECAP Audio Adapters make iPhone call recording easy. Great tool for journalists and small business owners.

The MICO circuit boards are designed for the Arduino hardware prototyping platform and help electronic designers create remotely controlled applications.

Igor S. Ramos, Engineer & Owner


About the Owner

Igor Ramos is an Electrical Engineer and product development specialist with a passion for innovation. With a unique blend of technical and business acumen, Igor brings a fresh perspective to every project he undertakes.

Throughout his career, Igor has consistently pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in the technology space. He has several published patents to his name and continues to create innovative products that make an impact.

As the founder of dLabs, Igor is dedicated to providing quality educational products and services that are accessible and user-friendly. Whether he’s creating new electronics tools or designing safety-critical embedded systems, Igor is always looking for new and innovative ways to make a positive impact in the world of technology.

Feel free to connect with Igor on LinkedIn to learn more about his journey and current projects.

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